Definition of thermometrical in English:



  • See thermometer

    • ‘The assiduity with which botanists have considered this subject of a thermometrical mean shows that more or less they have regarded it in the same light.’
    • ‘The highest thermometrical reading in the main hatchway was 84 degrees on September 27th and the lowest was 45 degrees Fahrenheit on November 7th.’
    • ‘Hooke studies the nature of air and its relationship to respiration and combustion, the laws of falling bodies, improvements to diving-bells, telegraphy, the weather, he sets the thermometrical zero at the freezing point of water, and also invents a machine for cutting gear wheels.’
    • ‘But there were no strict frontiers in science; they would also collect rocks and minerals, thermometrical, barometrical and hydrographical data, articles of clothing, savage furniture, musical instruments and weapons of war.’