Definition of thermochemical in English:



  • See thermochemistry

    • ‘Since 1948, the thermochemical calorie has been defined as equivalent to 4.1840 joules.’
    • ‘The thermochemical processes require heat - both solar and nuclear power have been proposed - to operate and use complex chemical reactions to reduce the energy required to split the water.’
    • ‘Gases rich in hydrogen sulphide associated with thermochemical sulphate reduction are common features of petroleums found in deep reservoirs in the Gulf of Mexico and Alberta.’
    • ‘This technology is called thermochemical conversion and it converts asbestos into harmless gravel that can be used in the construction industry.’
    • ‘However, some hydrocarbons may react with the rocks, as in the case of thermochemical sulfate reduction (discussed below).’
    • ‘Dramatic improvements in catalysis could lower the operating temperature of thermochemical cycles, and thus reduce the need for high-temperature materials, without losing efficiency.’