Definition of thermistor in English:



  • An electrical resistor whose resistance is greatly reduced by heating, used for measurement and control.

    • ‘Body temperature is therefore most accurately measured by an intravascular thermistor, but measurement by infrared ear thermometry or with an electronic probe in the rectum is an acceptable alternative.’
    • ‘When a thermistor or thermocouple wire runs through the catheter, the continuous measurement of urinary bladder temperature is displayed on the digital readout of a monitor.’
    • ‘The new software can test thermocouples of all types - resistance temperature detectors, standard platinum resistance thermometers, thermistors, and even liquid-in-glass thermometers.’
    • ‘The assemblies were held in cabinets with temperature control that varied by less than 0.5°C. Temperature was monitored continuously by thermistors placed, like seeds, on moist paper.’
    • ‘The addition of a thermistor or thermocouple within an indwelling catheter results in a device that serves a dual purpose.’
    • ‘An important caveat is that, when instrument designs change, this can affect not only the daytime heating of the thermistor but can also affect the accuracy at night.’
    • ‘The accuracy of measuring drive temperature using this method is questionable and I would have preferred the thermistor to be on a lead wire.’
    • ‘Clearly, the thermistor in a pulmonary artery catheter that senses the temperature of mixed venous blood provides the best measurement of core body temperature.’
    • ‘Airflow was monitored by oral and nasal thermistors.’
    • ‘In practice, the applications of thermistors vary from on-board temperature control and external temperature measurement to motor temperature measurement and strain measurement control.’
    • ‘This is the thermistor that monitors board temperatures.’
    • ‘It consists of a hermetically sealed glass-encapsulated thermistor welded to insulated extension leads.’
    • ‘This is a bomb-shaped device containing a thermistor at its nose and a spool of thin copper wire attached to a deck unit which records variations in temperature as a function of depth.’
    • ‘The motherboard's thermistor recorded a constant value throughout the testing.’
    • ‘In a temperature-compensated crystal oscillator, a thermistor generates a correction voltage to keep the oscillator's frequency more constant.’
    • ‘The conductors are connected through a connector to a circuit which measures the voltage and/or resistance of each of the thermistors, which is dependent upon its temperature.’
    • ‘Although expensive, these thermistors may be the best means to detect subtle differences in physical conditions among sites.’
    • ‘Nests without thermistors were checked more often so that nest failure dates could be determined within a few days.’
    • ‘Pulmonary artery temperature is measured with a thermistor located at the tip of a thermodilution catheter.’
    • ‘At least two thermistors measure skin temperature in spots like the armpit.’


1940s: contraction of thermal resistor.