Definition of thermal spring in English:

thermal spring


  • A spring of naturally hot water.

    • ‘The healing power of water has been known since antiquity, and in Valais tourists can recover their lost energy and get back in shape in thermal springs or health spa centres.’
    • ‘At the south end of the island, you can visit hot thermal springs, walk on paths around peaceful ponds or relax in front of tiered water cascades.’
    • ‘There are geysers here, and hot mud pools, and thermal springs, and steam coming from rocks in the centre of the city park, and oh, so much more.’
    • ‘It boasts thermal springs, uncrowded beaches and, in early summer, a riot of crimson-blossomed pohutukawa trees.’
    • ‘The Gaulish tribe of the Tarbelli established a settlement on this low alluvial terrace on the left bank of the Adour river, but it was the Roman passion for thermal springs that ensured its prosperity from the first century BC onwards.’
    • ‘In the late 1970s, the water flowing from the thermal spring was diverted for the development of a spa.’
    • ‘The town, which was a famous spa with thermal springs, was on the Adour River, about 80 km north of the Pyrenees and the border with Spain.’
    • ‘For example, pollution can be caused by the emission of sulfur dioxide from volcanoes, by the presence of toxic elements in certain types of soil, by thermal springs or vents, and by other natural phenomena.’
    • ‘They don't believe in interfering with nature's gifts and so do nothing to the bubbling waters of the town's thermal spring other than cool them to 32 degrees.’
    • ‘Since the first European settlement of Rotorua by Christian missionaries in 1835, the lakeshore's hot pools and thermal springs have attracted visitors.’
    • ‘While Antigua boasts 365 beaches, Dominica claims a river for every day of the year, as well as umpteen waterfalls, freshwater pools, thermal springs, brilliantly plumed birds and 1,000 species of flowers.’
    • ‘Natural thermal springs abound and scores of tourist spots feature bubbling pools or jets of steam shooting from the ground.’
    • ‘There are worse things one can do than lie about in alpine thermal springs all day in the sunshine, getting the knots worked out of your spine by expert Japanese masseuses.’
    • ‘Yes, the waters from the thermal springs that feed the town's impressive fountains and the blissful spa really must have magical powers.’
    • ‘The region is known for its radioactive thermal springs, gibber plains, fossils and extinct lakes, which are considered to have ‘astrobiological significance’.’
    • ‘Hot Springs is the country's oldest national park, originally created by Congress in 1832 to preserve the 47 naturally flowing thermal springs in the area.’
    • ‘The Roman settlement of Aquae Sulis developed where a number of thermal springs erupt from the floor of the Avon valley.’
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