Definition of thermal reactor in English:

thermal reactor


  • A nuclear reactor using thermal neutrons.

    • ‘Removal of heat from thermal reactors is done with coolants such as carbon dioxide gas or light water or heavy water.’
    • ‘Thus Niobium Carbide and Zirconium Carbide are suitable materials for coatings in thermal reactors.’
    • ‘Most of the current commercial reactors in the world are thermal reactors, also called light-water reactors.’
    • ‘The construction of thermal reactors is quite simple and relatively inexpensive.’
    • ‘By combining thermal reactors with on-site pyrometallurgical recycling and fast-neutron reactors, many of the drawbacks of traditional thermal reactors can be avoided.’
    • ‘These engineering factors and the cheap price of uranium mean that thermal reactors have dominated the nuclear scene since its inception and are expected to do so in the coming several decades.’
    • ‘The strategy is to start with uranium-fuelled thermal reactors, go on to fast-breeder reactors, and eventually replace them with thorium-breeder reactors.’
    • ‘Most reactors are called thermal reactors because they utilise slow neutrons to trigger nuclear fission.’
    • ‘In accordance with the present invention, the system is provided with a thermal reactor having a reaction chamber.’
    • ‘Experimental results have proved that the thermal reactor can easily be integrated with other non-thermal components.’
    • ‘The reason for the choice of thermal reactors is a simple one: a thermal reactor requires a small amount of fuel to become critical, and thus the fuel is cheap.’
    • ‘In the near term, the new reactor would burn fuel made by recycling spent fuel from thermal reactors.’
    • ‘In April 1997 a major leak of radioactive tritium from an advanced thermal reactor occurred.’