Definition of thermal imaging in English:

thermal imaging


mass noun
  • The technique of using the heat given off by an object to produce an image of it or to locate it.

    • ‘The courts already have ruled that the police cannot use thermal imaging to see through the walls of your home without a warrant, but that it's OK for them to fly overhead and peer over your fences without a warrant.’
    • ‘Police used mountain search and rescue teams from all over the region, along with police officers and Lancashire Constabulary's helicopter, which is equipped with thermal imaging equipment.’
    • ‘The police helicopter was mobilised and thermal imaging was used to check the local area to find the offenders.’
    • ‘Scientists on the volcano's flanks are measuring the likelihood of an eruption through thermal imaging, precise measurements of rock movement and gas analysis.’
    • ‘As night falls, the soldiers here use high-tech thermal imaging cameras, cameras so sophisticated, they can see a rat in the rubble, a stray cat, a man sweeping the floor.’
    • ‘Tests have shown that a sensitive thermal imaging technique which spots heat coming off the face can detect liars.’
    • ‘The new system is being studied for several applications, such as detecting weeds in cotton and soybean fields using digital video and spotting nutrient or water stress in crops using thermal imaging.’
    • ‘It uses infrared thermal imaging to project an image onto the satellite navigation screen showing people, animals or crashed cars up to 300 yards away.’
    • ‘Even if we use sophisticated detection systems like thermal imaging, the guerillas can move down to the basement where they will evade even those means of detection.’
    • ‘This technology can enhance images through the use of reflected light from the lower end of the infrared spectrum or use thermal imaging, which depends on light from the upper end of the infrared spectrum emitted as heat by objects.’
    • ‘An alarm is sounded and closed-circuit TV cameras equipped with thermal imaging locate and track the potential threat and send information and pictures to the authorities.’
    • ‘Other firefighters, wearing breathing apparatus, smashed the front door down with a battering ram and used thermal imaging equipment to confirm that no one else was trapped inside.’
    • ‘Firefighters were called to the second floor flat at around 11 am and used thermal imaging equipment to try and locate the snake but said the only way they could get it out would be to knock the wall down.’
    • ‘But today exhausted firefighters and police were back digging at the ruins, desperately trying to find survivors and using sound locators and thermal imaging equipment to aid the search.’
    • ‘It has entered into a partnership with an Israeli company to make items like hand held thermal imaging devices and navigational systems which will be marketed by the Israelis.’
    • ‘Thermography, or thermal imaging, is a rapid, remote, noninvasive technique used to obtain an image of heat distribution across the surface of an object.’
    • ‘Mr Whittaker said: ‘If you were flying over a field and someone was camouflaged in the same colour, officers could switch to thermal imaging and the shape would stand out as clearly human.’’
    • ‘Police launched a massive search, combing the area with a helicopter equipped with thermal imaging cameras, sniffer dogs and scores of officers.’
    • ‘Fire crews used breathing apparatus and thermal imaging cameras to fight their way through the fire searching for members of the family of six, unaware they had already escaped.’
    • ‘The army and marine snipers particularly like to work at night, when their night vision and thermal imaging equipment enables them to shoot accurately in the darkness.’


thermal imaging