Definition of theretofore in English:



formal, archaic
  • Before that time.

    ‘the constraints that the courts had theretofore imposed upon themselves’
    • ‘French, theretofore regarded as a debased form of Latin, became the official language in 1539, in the reign of François I.’
    • ‘By teaming up with the retail giant, she was able to extend her brand into areas theretofore unavailable to her.’
    • ‘But he also felt that regulation and government-orchestrated ‘cooperation’ within industry was needed to a theretofore unprecedented extent.’
    • ‘Ader's craft was perhaps the smallest theretofore used in such an attempt, and both art and extreme sport figured in his planned voyage.’
    • ‘Seemingly this was a company which had retained earnings, no doubt earnings which it had not theretofore distributed by way of dividends and which therefore it may be supposed it had, in effect, reinvested in its business.’
    • ‘Like the asteroids, hundreds more objects were later discovered in the outer solar system, with orbits similar to that of Pluto, signaling the existence of a theretofore uncharted reservoir called the Kuiper belt.’
    • ‘Riyadh's importance was vastly enhanced in 1979, when Ayatollah Khomeini toppled the Shah of Iran, theretofore Washington's chief ally in the Persian Gulf.’
    • ‘It is more accurate to say that Houston is a partially planned city in which successive episodes of rapid expansion have outstripped whatever planning process might theretofore have been achieved.’
    • ‘Suddenly the home team, who had scored only two points theretofore, freed themselves from the lethargy that has been shackling them for the past month and started to express themselves.’
    • ‘The KansasNebraska Act and the Fugitive Slave Law were very unpopular in Massachusetts, even among many manufacturers who had theretofore supported the Whig Party.’
    • ‘He began where others left off, and thus saved the many thousands of dollars that it had theretofore been customary to spend in building and fitting expensive engines to machines which were uncontrollable when tried.’
    • ‘Much of the expansion of Perseus' influence was at the expense of Eumenes II of Pergamum, widely and correctly perceived theretofore as a supporter of Rome.’
    • ‘It was a business book from the late 1980s built around an exceptional and theretofore little-understood premise: that most people who start a business aren't entrepreneurs.’
    • ‘I was there at the right time and saw some connections between sports and selling products that theretofore hadn't been seen.’
    • ‘When the archforger Hans van Meegeren undertook to hoodwink the experts by painting what they accepted as a theretofore unknown Vermeer, his motives were more devious than those of the ordinary counterfeiter.’
    • ‘It was suggested that when a statute is passed empowering the Crown to do a certain thing which it might theretofore have done by virtue of its prerogative, the prerogative is merged in the statute.’