Definition of therefrom in English:



formal, archaic
  • From that or that place.

    ‘there are lessons to be learnt therefrom’
    ‘the right not to be excluded therefrom except by order of the court’
    ‘Rochester Bridge and the view therefrom’
    • ‘I could not see what benefits or advantage could have been derived therefrom.’
    • ‘The book begins, as noted earlier, with the theft of a painting, and the complications resulting therefrom.’
    • ‘The scheme is not in any sense a benevolent scheme and no benevolent or compassionate payments can be made therefrom.’
    • ‘But it is the gardens - and the views therefrom - that are the real joy.’
    • ‘Only then will it be possible to balance the economic benefits of financial liberalization and internationalization with the systemic threats to the financial system flowing therefrom.’