Definition of therefor in English:



  • For that object or purpose.

    • ‘The right to property, although recognized in the Universal Declaration, was not included, primarily because of the inability of governments to agree on a formulation governing public takings and the compensation therefor.’
    • ‘The basis for the insurance exception, as it has come to be known seems to be that a tortfeasor should not be able to take advantage of a plaintiff's foresight in obtaining insurance coverage and paying a premium therefor.’
    • ‘Of course, anybody bothering to read the summary of that very workshop would find a list of the purposes of drilling on Mars, and requirements therefor.’
    • ‘The polluter-pays principle might be mirrored by providing that those who damage confidence by defeating consumers' reasonable expectations should be held responsible therefor.’
    • ‘If a merchant give an agent corn, wool, oil, or any other goods to transport, the agent shall give a receipt for the amount, and compensate the merchant therefor.’