Definition of there it is in English:

there it is


  • That is the situation.

    ‘pretty ridiculous, I know, but there it is’
    • ‘I've never quite understood how all this adds up in the economy as a whole, but there it is.’
    • ‘It is all very odd, but there it is: they have style; I, sadly, do not.’
    • ‘Anyway, there it is: the imperative of growth, consumption and the exploitation of resources.’
    • ‘He looked like he was going to cry, and I felt bad for him, but there it is… so, I got back into the car, and I left.’
    • ‘But there it is: some of those professing a faith grounded in compassion and charity really do hate each other.’
    • ‘As regular readers will know, for the life of me I cannot understand why party politics exist in local education, but there it is.’
    • ‘These will no doubt change with the wind, but there it is.’
    • ‘An unwilling representative is not a particularly useful one - so there it is.’
    • ‘She is a sort of family friend, and I'm sorry to be so critical of her, but there it is.’
    • ‘But there it is - I cannot resist buying linen for me or my friends, male and female.’