Definition of there is nothing to it in English:

there is nothing to it


  • There is no difficulty involved.

    • ‘‘Clearly, there was nothing to it,’ McNair said.’
    • ‘There's nothing to it if you know what you're doing.’
    • ‘As you will see however, there really is nothing to it!’
    • ‘There's nothing to it, but still they try so hard.’
    • ‘You may at first think that there is literally nothing to it.’
    • ‘They had been led to believe that there was nothing to it.’
    • ‘I whistled a happy tune as I whizzed along - nothing to it, I thought, I'll probably sit on the wall in the sun all day outside the school at Crimlin and have a chat with all the voters on their way in.’
    • ‘I would tell you how difficult choosing the winner was, but since the selection was totally arbitrary and fueled with cheap brandy, there was really nothing to it.’
    • ‘She had never stolen a horse before and until now, she thought there was nothing to it.’
    • ‘Just follow the instructions - there's really nothing to it.’