Definition of there goes — in English:

there goes —


  • Used to express the destruction or failure of something.

    ‘there goes my career’
    • ‘If there's one miss, then there goes the gold medal.’
    • ‘And he says that I'm an alcoholic womaniser who would do anything for money - there goes my reputation.’
    • ‘There goes my film career right out the window.’
    • ‘Because if everything that you have is invested in just one stock and something happens to that one stock, there goes your money.’
    • ‘Damn, there goes my place in the company netball team.’
    • ‘There goes my plans for dinner and a movie.’
    • ‘Well I suppose there goes my dreams of becoming a tech geek at a big company.’
    • ‘People then were looking at the derelict site and saying ‘Well, there goes our future.’’
    • ‘If we produce hydrogen from natural gas, there goes our energy independence.’
    • ‘‘I said to myself ‘I've hit the ball right in the creek and there goes the championship’.’’