Definition of therapist in English:



  • 1A person skilled in a particular kind of therapy.

    ‘a certified massage therapist’
    • ‘He is well - spoken, as people used to say, and married to a speech therapist called Susie.’
    • ‘They return to the occupational therapist to figure out new ways of coping with problems or to master a new skill.’
    • ‘This approach is similar to the alternative approaches recommended to family therapists working with youth in a recent episode of Family Therapy Networker.’
    • ‘Start with recommendations from your doctor or an occupational therapist.’
    • ‘I told him that I did not learn to talk until I was 4 1/2 years old, after going to a speech therapist for a short time.’
    • ‘He also runs twice a week and is a qualified sports injury therapist, massage therapist, personal trainer and 3rd dan Black belt.’
    • ‘Consult your physical therapist for good lifts that won't hurt your neck.’
    • ‘This is in addition to the full-time occupational therapist at the Commons who refers patients to St Thomas's Hospital if necessary.’
    • ‘Doctors said that she should be re-assessed by the speech and language therapist, although, as we were approaching a weekend, the nurses could assess her.’
    • ‘Until a few months ago 31-year-old Denise Cannon was a beauty therapist who confesses that her knowledge of the technicalities of the average automobile was little more than rudimentary.’
    • ‘Mary Kershaw says her profoundly deaf grandson has not even been seen by a speech therapist.’
    • ‘A national survey was used to collect data on institutional policies and on individual practices related to airway management among nurses and respiratory therapists.’
    • ‘It is valued by cosmetic surgeons, physical therapists, and chiropractors alike.’
    • ‘This figure only considers small business people from restaurant owners and ferry operators to massage therapists; it does not take into account the loss to airlines and hotels.’
    • ‘This stars Liam Neeson, and this is about the sex therapist who had written books and was hailed as a hero and then sort of turned into a scapegoat.’
    • ‘You may need a physical therapist to help with these exercises.’
    • ‘I know that there is a shortage of nurses and speech therapists but because of the rules we are unable to help out.’
    • ‘I continued to see the chiropractor and massage therapist and increased the number of times I was swimming.’
    • ‘Many of the omitted suggestions are those that would be routinely suggested by family therapists.’
    • ‘Physical therapists are attempting to get her to stand with help and are working to keep her arm muscles from becoming contracted.’
    psychologist, psychotherapist, analyst, psychoanalyst, psychiatrist, mind doctor, head doctor
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    1. 1.1 A person who treats psychological problems; a psychotherapist.
      ‘cost is one factor keeping them from the therapist's couch’
      • ‘The therapist also coaches spouses to logically analyze their cognitions.’
      • ‘The authors conclude their paper with a discussion of research and theory in clinical psychology on the therapist and the therapist-client relationship that may be applicable to organizational psychology.’
      • ‘This seemed to throw the therapists a bit of a curve; the more despondent the client got, the less the therapists asked her questions about what that was like.’
      • ‘The therapist encouraged her to feel free either to move closer to him physically and emotionally during this process or to move away.’
      • ‘In 1965 he started a psychiatric community project at Kingsley Hall in London, where patients and therapists lived together.’
      • ‘First, therapists ' empathic responses are often critical in fostering an open exploration of what can be a very personal area.’
      • ‘The therapist addressed these distortions and worked with her to develop a more holistic view of the relationship and each partner.’
      • ‘There are few clinical therapists specialising in self-injury, so referral is often to therapists who deal with abuse or whose expertise is in eating disorders.’
      • ‘Amy's therapist viewed Amy's rejection of medication as a unique act of self-assurance and maturity.’
      • ‘The wife sued the patient's therapist alleging a failure of duty to protect.’
      • ‘Premier coaches - like good therapists or sponsors in 12-step programs - hold people accountable for sticking with new behavior.’
      • ‘In Iowa, for example, these cases must be brought within five years of the date the victim was last treated by the therapist.’
      • ‘I think speaking with a trusted friend (or therapist) about your grief could also help.’
      • ‘With each success, the therapist helps the patient move up to other obsessions that cause greater anxiety.’
      • ‘When I was little I too dreamed I would grow up to be a princess, but my Dad sent me to a load of therapists.’
      • ‘Therapists may benefit from working with, rather than against, ego inflation.’
      • ‘Some therapists think hypnosis opens a window to the unconscious mind where memories of past lives are stored.’
      • ‘He arrived, he acted like an ex-husband, but for all we knew he could have been her therapist.’
      • ‘She only started eating again when her therapist threatened to admit her to hospital and have her force-fed.’