Definition of theosopher in English:



  • See theosophy

    • ‘Our mystical theosophers have explained themselves with extreme clarity on this point, and in doing so show themselves to be in profound agreement with all visionaries of the New Temple.’
    • ‘This is the kind of complex question every Quaker theosopher such as myself dreads, because there are no easy answers.’
    • ‘This discovery was greatly facilitated by the deep personal experience of these principles by theosopher Sidney Banks.’
    • ‘Van Beyerland collected, translated and published the complete works of the German theosopher Jacob Böhme before the English and German collected editions appeared.’
    • ‘Remember, he is a theosopher, not a theologian.’
    • ‘This indifference to outward forms or beliefs is in fact an important aspect of theosophy itself, for it is why the theosophers have never formed a sect or institution.’