Definition of thekedar in English:


(also thikadar)


  • A person who undertakes to provide labour or materials to do a job; a contractor.

    • ‘This hands-off approach has made them victims of the thekedars.’
    • ‘It has an area of 14 square miles, of which three quarters is forest, and contains seven villages, three of these being held by thekedars, while two are uninhabited.’
    • ‘I asked them to sit quietly, already the thikadar in charge.’
    • ‘The leaders or thekedars usually do very little physical work, as they are busy in managing the other activities associated with job contracting.’
    • ‘‘There are twelve of us with the thekedar,’ he tells me.’
    • ‘Similar arrangements with thikadars were common in India.’
    • ‘Similarly nine-year-old Manju showed deep scars on her hands and legs and said that she was beaten by the thekedar (building contractor) for being slow in breaking heavy stones.’
    • ‘He told the thekedars that they were committing a crime by appointing child laborers.’
    • ‘Increasingly, landlords are resorting to using migrant contract labour, which is organised by jamedars and thekedars (agents and contractors).’
    • ‘I don't have a son who is a thekedar; no one in my family is a thekedar.’