Definition of theatrics in English:


plural noun

  • 1Dramatic performances.

    • ‘Moments like that helped Frye and company realize that while they are a musical group, they needed to learn a bit about theatrics to gain and keep an audience's attention.’
    • ‘Social life included dinner parties, balls, amateur theatrics, and occasional church services.’
    • ‘He will showcase new material too in a show full of state-of-the-art theatrics, topped off by the sight of Gabriel being suspended upside down from the stage.’
    • ‘Many of the genre's foremost practitioners were not particularly interested in theatrics, preferring to concentrate on the challenge of playing complicated tunes on the crumhorn.’
    • ‘The book is a delight, and should be on the ‘to read’ list of those who use music, theatrics or any other form of creative expression to inspire resistance and class consciousness.’
    • ‘All in all the Wild West Show promises plenty of theatrics and high drama all making for a very enjoyable evening in Tullow's town square.’
    • ‘The spectacular theatrics of Gabriel's stage show attracted acclaim all over the world and were filmed for his new DVD.’
    • ‘His stage shows, long renowned for their crazy theatrics, have increased their entertainment value tenfold since the country threw off the oppressive chains of the old public decency laws.’
    • ‘In keeping with his impish flare for fun and theatrics, the show itself is paramount.’
    • ‘Despite the company's popularity, dissenters often accuse the Russian choreographer of indulging in over-the-top theatrics.’
    • ‘Somehow, however, he manages to emasculate the idea in order to generate a second-rate thriller with cheap theatrics and an embarrassingly stupid ending.’
    acting, the theatre, the stage, the performing arts, dramatic art, dramatics, dramaturgy, stagecraft, theatricals, the thespian art, show business
    incident, scene, spectacle, crisis
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    1. 1.1 Excessively emotional and dramatic behavior.
      ‘stop your theatrics’
      • ‘Your theatrics nearly cost me my life five decades ago!’
      • ‘I do believe that you are attracted to some of the role playing and theatrics that come with it, and I think you might even find that part sexually rewarding.’
      • ‘It is not just what was said, but what was implied - a spectacular example of highly sophisticated and manipulative political theatrics.’
      • ‘These guys mean business, and they are also quite good with the theatrics involved in making their point to a defendant.’
      • ‘He's not some flashy solicitor only interested in the sound of his own voice and playing theatrics to the gallery - he is much more genuine than that.’
      • ‘There are no theatrics involved, no pretension.’
      • ‘Celtic pride is a touching thing to see, but hopefully the band won't have to resort to such theatrics for long.’
      • ‘Not given to theatrics, his aggressive questioning is restricted to occasions when witnesses' answers have stretched the outer edges of credulity.’
      • ‘His career had been built in silence, with no sensational records, no World Series heroics, no self-absorbed theatrics.’
      • ‘This degrading spectacle was a mixture of incompetence, impotence and empty theatrics.’
      • ‘While the sense of drama and theatrics might appeal to him, it does a disservice to his ministers and the country at large.’
      • ‘Somehow, one can't help feeling that the vengeful Old Testament theatrics employed by him were, if less sophisticated, rather more arresting.’
      • ‘If the two end up shoulder to shoulder on Saturday next, Connelly will no doubt view it as an opportunity to show the Roscommon man that football and not theatrics is his preferred option.’
      incident, scene, spectacle, crisis
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