Definition of the year dot in English:

the year dot


  • A very long time ago.

    ‘that wallpaper has been there since the year dot’
    • ‘So, you are using what was done in 1997 as a guide to its meaning in the year dot?’
    • ‘Most users have been using the productivity suite since the year dot and usually quickly acclimatise themselves to any new release.’
    • ‘They are called ‘classic’ because such events have been going since the year dot and the format is pretty much as it has always been.’
    • ‘I had a rugby ball in my hand since the year dot, so it was always going to be the only sport I would be interested in,’ he said.’
    • ‘From next spring sweeping changes look set to be made to York's chaotic bus network that First York bosses are describing as the biggest revolution in public transport in the city since almost the year dot.’
    • ‘Women have been giving birth since the year dot, and trust me this is a very long time.’
    • ‘Kiwis have been do-it-yourselfers from the year dot.’
    • ‘Relationships have been around since the year dot and despite the increasing breakdown of long term ones, there is no evidence that men and women are going to give up the biological and psychological act of looking for love.’
    • ‘Children's literature has been full of fantasy elements since the year dot, but inexplicably, this is the one that has really taken off.’
    • ‘From the year dot, my big sister and I had it drummed into us that money is not something one takes lightly.’