Definition of the worse for drink in English:

the worse for drink


  • Rather drunk.

    ‘he was somewhat the worse for drink at his farewell party’
    • ‘He was a commanding figure, though often the worse for drink, which made him quarrelsome.’
    • ‘I've nothing against proper big communal firework displays, run by specialists, but recreational explosives in the hands of amateurs, many of them the worse for drink, that's something I'd ban if I had the power.’
    • ‘I understand that it was a particularly cold night and you went to the club at 9.30 pm and emerged, clearly the worse for drink, five hours later at 2.20 am.’
    • ‘The fact that, no matter how it was, is or will be dressed up, there were literally thousands of ‘fans’ there without tickets trying to get into the ground, many of whom were the worse for drink.’
    • ‘‘The mascot appeared the worse for drink,’ said a spokesman.’
    • ‘She said he did not seem the worse for drink when they left the bar.’
    • ‘Margaret Lamb, the senior youth worker at the Southbroom Centre, said 13 and 14-year-old girls were turning up at the club at 7.30 pm on a Friday already the worse for drink.’
    • ‘My friend, a little the worse for drink, walked straight up to him, performed an exaggerated bow, and exclaimed: ‘Mr John Peel!’’
    • ‘A girl staggers by on stiletto heels; she is either the worse for drink or still a novice clubber and either way her prospects for the rest of the evening don't look good.’
    • ‘Friends of Mr Sprout said he had enjoyed a night out on Saturday and was the worse for drink, which might account for his fall.’