Definition of the worried well in English:

the worried well


  • People who are unnecessarily anxious about their physical or mental health.

    ‘doctors increasingly have to deal with the worried well, rather than the genuinely sick’
    • ‘Shifting drug spending from the worried well in developed countries to those with treatable disease in poorer nations will benefit the health of everyone.’
    • ‘The vaccine may have been used on the worried well rather than risk groups.’
    • ‘Yet like a flock of panic stricken sheep, the pharmacies of the land were besieged by the worried well, spooked into a course of action both unnecessary and completely useless.’
    • ‘Popular accounts of angina have encouraged an epidemic of "atypical chest pain" and thousands of "worried well" consultations.’
    • ‘Sounds like a lot of false hope, and a chance for some to make a handsome profit off the worried well.’
    • ‘The fears of Britain's "worried well" have helped drive up sales of home kits that diagnose medical problems, research has claimed.’
    • ‘Dr Salisbury expressed concern that GPs were wasting vaccine on "the worried well" rather than their target groups.’
    • ‘Most GPs are willing to arrange for similar tests to reassure the "worried well".’
    • ‘Walk-in centers target the worried well seeking reassurance.’
    • ‘So there you have it: the worried well, facing a situation that isn't too bad but isn't exactly hunky-dory, either.’