Definition of the upper crust in English:

the upper crust


  • The upper classes.

    ‘a sort of trade school for the upper crust’
    • ‘If the beginnings of sport on skis are to be found among the upper crust, skiing is today largely a bourgeois sport.’
    • ‘They range from the downright common to the ultimate upper crust in Paul's eyes, and with every sketch the audience hugged itself with glee.’
    • ‘They are the upper crust of the middle class, educated and ideological (if not idealistic). The novel opens just after a ‘revolution’ has stormed through Chelsea.’
    • ‘Offering a new high to pub-hoppers is the exclusive upper crust joint, ‘Bottles and Chimney’ that opened at Begumpet.’
    • ‘Even after Blair's reforms, the upper chamber is still distinctly upper crust.’