Definition of the sun is over the yardarm in English:

the sun is over the yardarm


  • Used to refer to the time of day when it is permissible to begin drinking alcohol.

    ‘I never drink until the sun is over the yardarm’
    • ‘Hey, the sun's past the yardarm in Delhi; it's 5: 30 pm there already.’
    • ‘These attractions provide a suitable skyline for the short-stay traveller to decide when the watery sun is safely over the yardarm.’
    • ‘Sun's over the yardarm and it's time for the rum ration.’
    • ‘The argument can be made that there's no better time to take the full measure of a political player than over a plate of barely done eggs at 8 a.m. or after a belt or two when the sun has dipped below the yardarm.’
    • ‘By the time I had managed to drag him out of Brenda's begonia bed and into the car, the sun was way over the yardarm and I had no reason not to open a brace of beers the moment we swerved out into the oncoming traffic.’
    • ‘Well the suns over the yardarm somewhere in the world!’
    • ‘When the sun reaches over the yardarm in Pattaya on Sunday as locals sit back to stir their drinks with the little umbrellas, Las Vegas may have rearranged the order in boxing.’
    • ‘I rarely drink spirits in fact, and, leaving aside the occasional pint or glass of wine with lunch, I seldom touch a drop before the sun dips below the yardarm.’