Definition of the story goes in English:

the story goes


  • It is said or rumoured.

    ‘the story goes that he's fallen out with his friends’
    • ‘This fearsome serpent, so the story goes, had a poisoned tongue, breathed fire and smoke, and had teeth as large as the prongs of a pitchfork.’
    • ‘This, the story goes, secured a large crowd, a conviction for indecency and copious ticket-shifting headlines.’
    • ‘People who hold traditional values, so the story goes, are under siege.’
    • ‘Pirates fleeing the British navy, as the story goes, found themselves on St Lucia's east coast off of Marquis Bay.’
    • ‘Over time, the story goes, the population inside the wall grew and the city became overcrowded.’
    • ‘As the story goes, she was a formidable woman who did not take to fools kindly.’
    • ‘A few days later, so the story goes, a large growth resembling the stump of an animal's horn sprang from the guilty man's forehead.’
    • ‘We called it Nelson because it only had one eye, the other one having been ripped out by a hungry seagull - or so the story goes.’
    • ‘As the story goes, one customer ordered the syrup and the serving assistant accidentally mixed it with carbonated water.’
    • ‘Families today are sufficiently comfortably off to be unfazed by a gift of £250 - or so the story goes.’