Definition of the staff of life in English:

the staff of life


  • A staple food, especially bread.

    • ‘For a while now I've been interested in the fact that grain - the staff of life, the staple food for most of the world, the building-block of most civilizations - is actually quite dangerous in large quantities.’
    • ‘Bread is the cornerstone of our diet, the staff of life.’
    • ‘The egg represents rebirth; the flour the staff of life; the salt wholesomeness and the milk, innocence.’
    • ‘Strong wheat prices last summer and early fall - and a better set of base and target prices offered in the 2002 Farm Bill - convinced many Great Plains farmers to shift some newfound corn and soybean ground back to the staff of life.’
    • ‘She ended the ceremony by presenting family members with a loaf of bread representing the staff of life, a bottle of wine representing the joy of companionship, a bouquet of flowers representing beauty and renewal, and a Bible.’
    • ‘From pones baked up in cast iron skillets in the Appalachians to loaves laced with spicy peppers in the Southeast, cornbread has been the staff of life for many families.’
    • ‘Carbonated beverages are the staff of life in the United States.’
    • ‘Wheat farmers, under pressure from continued global competition, are moving away from the staff of life.’
    • ‘Especially in October and November, Moore's long letters return again and again to Peggy: ‘Peggy is the staff of life.’’
    • ‘It is the staff of life for the penguin, petrel, crabeater, leopard seal, and the Antarctic whales.’