Definition of the small screen in English:

the small screen


  • Television as a medium.

    ‘transplanting the timeless values of good literature to the small screen’
    ‘his own career as an actor began on the small screen’
    • ‘Knowing that a single movie would be unable to accommodate the tale he had in mind he eventually turned to the small screen as a way to realise his vision.’
    • ‘While his Shylock is somewhat broad for the small screen, it provides a tantalising glimpse of how it might have come across in the theatre.’
    • ‘Despite his small screen success, Frears regarded television as primarily a writer's medium.’
    • ‘Rather annoyingly, both big and small screen forms tend to portray the conflict from a Royalist perspective.’
    • ‘Fortunately for the show's producers, it seems that even successful entrepreneurs cannot resist the lure of small screen fame.’
    • ‘Part of Dixon's mythical appeal, perhaps, was his resurrection on the small screen.’
    • ‘It brought science fiction to the small screen for the first time and its eponymous lead character became the UK's first TV hero.’
    • ‘New Zealand looks like Brazil, and the beasts are the best ever on a small screen.’
    • ‘‘It was frank, a new voice on tv,’ she says of the series that made her a small screen icon.’
    • ‘But bringing the play to the small screen was dynamite.’