Definition of the scheme of things in English:

the scheme of things


  • A supposed or apparent overall system, within which everything has a place and in relation to which individual details are ultimately to be assessed.

    ‘in the overall scheme of things, we didn't do badly’
    • ‘‘In the scheme of things, trying to get to the bottom of that is relatively unimportant,’ he said.’
    • ‘I suspect the creator of this book, like me, just likes to see where she fits into the scheme of things - how far ahead or how far behind we may be in the great game of life.’
    • ‘I don't think I'm being totally too free and loose by describing that as a relatively small risk in the scheme of things.’
    • ‘I'm mildly concerned that if I go out for lunch I probably won't be able to pay rent this week, but really this is a minor problem in the scheme of things.’
    • ‘Whether it takes another 10 days or two weeks, in the scheme of things, it's immaterial.’
    • ‘On the other hand, the costs of ignoring security and getting hacked have been, in the scheme of things, relatively small.’
    • ‘Both these events were very insignificant in the scheme of things and received almost as little attention then as they do currently.’
    • ‘If man is just a speck in the universe, like a bacteria, what does he matter in the scheme of things?’
    • ‘It stemmed from an attempt to figure out my place in the scheme of things.’
    • ‘But they are relatively trivial in the scheme of things.’