Definition of the right stuff in English:

the right stuff


  • The necessary qualities for a given task or job.

    ‘he had the right stuff to enter this business’
    • ‘In the Democratic presidential race, retired General Wesley Clark is trying to show he has the right stuff to be commander in chief, including support within the military.’
    • ‘However, I'm not sure I'm made of the right stuff.’
    • ‘Only time will tell whether ‘Robbo’ has the right stuff, but no one should be surprised when a 31-year-old flanker with a serious knee injury heaps praise on the man who picks the team.’
    • ‘The key to this is having a strong development programme that will provide a steady stream of youngsters with the right stuff.’
    • ‘According to Stephen Frost, the party's area agent, local opinion is divided about whether he has the right stuff to win back the seat.’
    • ‘Thorpe looks to have the right stuff as does Vaughan.’
    • ‘In Cameron, he reckons, he has found someone with the right stuff to boost his European ambitions.’
    • ‘The acclaim she has won has deflected attention from her failings, particularly her indecisiveness in renouncing her claim which is an indication that she might not have had the right stuff to be prime minister.’
    • ‘The Prime Minister likes to think he has the right stuff to make hard choices.’
    • ‘I think he has the right stuff, but against McCullough, he's going to need it.’