Definition of the printed word in English:

the printed word


  • Language or ideas as expressed in books, newspapers, or other publications, especially when contrasted with their expression in speech.

    ‘he understood the power of the printed word’
    • ‘They know the power of the press, particularly the power of the printed word.’
    • ‘This article remained on the website for over 3 months, giving it longer exposure than the printed word in the newspaper.’
    • ‘This tiny, isolated and economically declining town has been revived, not by a massive investment in jobs, the introduction of new industries or the mass migration of reluctant civil servants, but by the power of the printed word.’
    • ‘Since the birth of the Internet, in particular, we have heard dire assessments of the future of the book and the printed word.’
    • ‘Though his death has silenced his voice, his ideas and his commitment are still available to us through the printed word and the recording of his speeches.’
    • ‘By reusing cast-off books and old magazines, he is creating new art forms through recycling, but by destroying the contents of the books, he challenges the power of the printed word.’
    • ‘Even Hollywood received a nod at the world's largest book fair in a special forum highlighting the symbiosis between the printed word and the movies.’
    • ‘For anyone who believed in the power of the printed word, it was an exhilarating moment.’
    • ‘Birkerts is a life-long lover of the printed word, as the title of his book implies, and he isn't liable to underestimate the effects of the displacement of the book's dominance in our culture by the electronic media.’
    • ‘He loved language and understood the immense power of the printed word.’