Definition of the noble art (or science)(of self-defence) in English:

the noble art (or science)(of self-defence)


  • Boxing.

    • ‘Boxing is known as the noble art of self defence and that's what Michael portrays.’
    • ‘He never won the world title - his only defeats were at the final pinnacle - but like so many practitioners of the noble art he was a warrior in the truest sense.’
    • ‘Boxing may be called the noble art but one doesn't normally associate heavyweight boxers with an artistic pursuit.’
    • ‘For the purist, the noble art of self-defence remains the father of all contact sports.’
    • ‘Is this a good one, maybe I will get a title shot for the Belgium Title, if not I'll do a last fight in July for charity and then become a trainer and teach the youngsters here in Thailand the noble art of boxing.’