Definition of the mixture as before in English:

the mixture as before


  • The same treatment repeated.

    • ‘In other words, it's the mixture as before, with few surprises but lots of laughs.’
    • ‘And the first comment to be made about the third film in the trilogy is that while it's very much the mixture as before, the ingredients are in peak condition.’
    • ‘Elsewhere it looks like the mixture as before, although there are irons in the fire on the recruitment front.’
    • ‘This year's Designers and Art Directors Association exhibition, the third in the annual series, remained in most essentials the mixture as before - although the general standard of exhibits is rather higher.’
    • ‘However much the carping critic may protest that this is the mixture as before, the public continues to pack every house.’
    • ‘It would be quite easy for someone merely glancing over his pages to assume that this book is simply one more example of the mixture as before.’