Definition of the mailed fist in English:

the mailed fist


  • The use of physical force to maintain control.

    ‘the country's leadership has shown its continued reliance on the mailed fist’
    • ‘Inside the velvet glove is always the mailed fist.’
    • ‘The balance of the country's history - before and after independence - is overwhelmingly weighted in favour of the mailed fist rather than the velvet glove.’
    • ‘Soft talk or big stick, carrot and stick, accept the velvet glove or face the mailed fist.’
    • ‘Those original six are represented on the squadron's badge - the mailed fist apparently symbolises the first CO Lt Cdr R.F. Walker (apparent a ‘robust’ individual) and five clouds stand in for those five pilots.’
    • ‘In 1992, the squadron's insignia was officially changed from the Green Pawn to the mailed fist and lighting bolt previously used by Attack Squadron 176.’