Definition of the lion's share in English:

the lion's share


  • The largest part of something.

    • ‘It generated more than the lion's share of news headlines this weekend.’
    • ‘How can we possibly be losing out when we get the lion's share?’
    • ‘And yet it has been the market, not public funding, that has generated the lion's share of successful cultural mixing in the arts.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the United States must share the lion's share of the burden for now.’
    • ‘It's their intellectual property; they've generated the hype, so they feel they deserve the lion's share of the profits.’
    • ‘Bobby gets the lion's share of the book, close to 300 pages.’
    most, the majority, the larger number, the larger part, the greater number, the greater part, the best part, the better part, the main part, more than half, the bulk, the preponderance
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