Definition of the jig is up in English:

the jig is up


North American
  • The scheme or deception is revealed or foiled.

    ‘the jig is up; you've had your last chance’
    • ‘Well, everyone knows that the jig is up once the partying begins.’
    • ‘Once the major minutes begin to tell on Michael Jordan - and it could happen any minute - the jig is up.’
    • ‘If he flouts these rules, then it's time to tell him the jig is up, and he is out.’
    • ‘Tally put her hands in the air mockingly and said, ‘I guess the jig is up.’’
    • ‘The rug's been pulled; the jig is up; there is no way to get out of this one!’
    • ‘Dekker looks over his shoulder and sees that the jig is up.’
    • ‘It will be good enough, for your purposes, to tell him that the jig is up and you are outta there.’
    • ‘The cops merely have to line up a bunch of cruisers along St-Antoine, a few more on McGill and de la Commune and the jig is up.’
    • ‘The corrupt powers that be suddenly realize the jig is up and the healing can thus begin.’
    • ‘Which means, as Way puts it, ‘When the venues go, the jig is up.’’