Definition of the international community in English:

the international community


  • The countries of the world considered collectively.

    ‘the policy led to widespread condemnation from the international community’
    • ‘He underlined that the challenge was not simply to Britain and America but to the whole international community.’
    • ‘Now is the time for the international community to show its worth.’
    • ‘People smuggling is a crime that the international community needs to combat.’
    • ‘Further action must only be taken if it receives the support of the international community.’
    • ‘The inquiry needs to stick to presenting the facts if it is to maintain credibility in the international community.’
    • ‘It's time to let the international community know that Canada is taking a stand, he said.’
    • ‘The international community is preparing to impose punitive sanctions.’
    • ‘The resignation did not come out of the blue, but it still sent shockwaves through the international community.’
    • ‘Political pressure from the international community is needed to help the situation.’
    • ‘The UN is the international community's ultimate legal forum, but the techniques are the same.’