Definition of the heavens open in English:

the heavens open


  • It suddenly starts to rain very heavily.

    • ‘As one of the driest years for decades, last year was indeed exceptional, and unless the heavens open for long periods this winter, restrictions could follow.’
    • ‘Having laboured a part of the way, suddenly and most unexpectedly, the heavens open up.’
    • ‘The best way to experience living conditions as they were at the turn of the last millennium is to book yourself into a festival once the heavens open.’
    • ‘When the heavens open early on Sunday morning, just hours into the final day of the Lake of Stars Festival, everyone is taken by surprise.’
    • ‘Suddenly the heavens open, and I dive for shelter under a parasol.’
    • ‘Every home or business affected by floods will receive an individual flooding plan for their property, while all the city's residents will be mailed information on what to do if the heavens open up.’
    • ‘As well as using existing permanent stands, extra temporary and hospitality areas will be built, supplemented by covered wet weather areas to prevent overcrowding if the heavens open.’
    • ‘Come my brother and get warm in the car before the heavens open above us with rain.’
    • ‘Here he is at the front of the race as the heavens open…’
    • ‘So I suggest that, before the heavens open again, Jenny and everyone else who has businesses here ring up the emergency services and get informed.’
    • ‘Lightening arced across the sky, ripping the heavens open as torrential rains began to pelt down on them.’
    • ‘And as the heavens open once again, Travis takes to the stage, almost sombre in the evening's half-light.’
    • ‘‘We had an uninterrupted practice for seven days and then the day we leave the heavens open, which is a great portent,’ said Noble.’
    • ‘Everything goes as it should, until the heavens open and a torrential rain begins.’
    • ‘That is evidenced by the fact that it is now becoming a regular feature of life for home owners and businesses in certain areas that every time the heavens open they face the risk of flooding.’
    • ‘Suddenly the heavens open up and rain begins to pour from the unforeseen forming clouds.’