Definition of the dry heart in English:

the dry heart


  • 1The arid uninhabited centre of a country, region, state, etc.

    ‘the dry heart of California’
    1. 1.1NZ, Australian Central Australia.
      ‘the huge, dry heart of this country might be the stuff our Aussie myths are made of, but most of us still stick firmly to the coast’
      • ‘This rural agricultural area is the increasingly dry heart of the nation's productive farmland.’
      • ‘The team travelled 3,000 kilometers across the dry heart of Australia using only the power of the sun.’
      • ‘This is a cinema of spatial oppositions, with fragile coastline and the dry heart.’
      • ‘Imagine an Australia with endless acres of irrigated crops scattered through its dry heart.’
      • ‘The familiar sight here at the Simpson Desert is ridge upon ridge of deep red sand that stretches from horizon to horizon in the dry heart of Australia.’
      • ‘Now confined to the dry heart of the desert, the Sonoran pronghorn has declined precipitously in recent years.’