Definition of the dogs of war in English:

the dogs of war


  • The havoc accompanying military conflict.

    ‘the strategy would let loose the dogs of nuclear war’
    • ‘If Washington calls off the dogs of war, the companies will be allowed to immediately return.’
    • ‘The siren song in any war on terror is ‘let slip the dogs of war.’’
    • ‘Europe can only keep at bay the dogs of war that tore it asunder twice in the last century if all its parts work intimately with each other.’
    • ‘Unless we can leash the dogs of war, new kinds of instability will result from this war for peace.’
    • ‘They hate having to break from a comfortable routine and they will cry havoc and loose the dogs of war on anybody who tries to take something from them.’
    • ‘A peace process does not invariably produce a settlement, but it usually keeps the dogs of war at bay.’
    • ‘One problem with loosing the dogs of war is that sometimes it's hard to get them back on the leash.’
    • ‘Possible suspensions of civil liberties are something we should all be keeping an eye on now, watchdogs among the dogs of war.’
    • ‘He has no reason to let loose the dogs of war on his neighbours.’
    • ‘And with the dogs of war in full cry, no politicians in their right mind dared come out in favor of allowing tax dodgers to stick their hands in Uncle Sam's pockets.’