Definition of the die is cast in English:

the die is cast


  • An event has happened or a decision has been taken that cannot be changed.

    • ‘And so, the die is cast, we move out of here on the morning of March 30, motor up to the little house by the fenside, camp out overnight, just us, Harry and Dolly, two airbeds and a folding chair.’
    • ‘When Julius Caesar paused to ponder the consequences of a military attack some 2000 years ago, his poetic adage was as fitting then as it is today: alea jacta est - the die is cast.’
    • ‘When the die was cast, they stood up and were counted.’
    • ‘Goodness knows how long it will be before anything happens, still the die is cast.’
    • ‘There have been two delays in applying the regulation, but now the die is cast.’
    • ‘At this stage the die is cast as far as the venue is concerned and it's a matter of getting on with the job of beating Kerry.’
    • ‘Once the tax year in which the ISO exercise occurred is closed, the die is cast, and the taxpayer will incur the AMT liability based on the original value at exercise, regardless of the stock's current value.’
    • ‘Voting across the branches ended on Friday night so the die is cast at this stage.’
    • ‘The word in the market is that they grossly miscalculated and the die is cast.’
    • ‘But now the die is cast, and said brutal dictators and corrupt monarchs no longer have the ability to stop the future.’
    • ‘In many ways it's the point at which I begin to feel less crushingly anxious - the die is cast, for better or worse.’