Definition of the deep end in English:

the deep end


  • The end of a swimming pool where the water is deepest.

    • ‘At the sound of approaching footsteps, frogs hopped into the filthy, dark water at the deep end of the swimming pool.’
    • ‘He nodded slowly and turned to swim back to the ladder at the deep end.’
    • ‘The rest of the class graduated to the deep end, while I hung around the shallows or clung to the side of the pool.’
    • ‘Others dived nimbly off the diving board into blue water of the deep end of the huge swimming pool.’
    • ‘Hang on, that's about the depth of the deep end of the local swimming baths.’
    • ‘One lifeguard was watching the remaining 30 children who had to swim qualifying laps to swim in the deep end.’
    • ‘You can't just have people diving into the deep end of the pool without showing that they can swim.’
    • ‘I had conquered my fear of drowning very early in my childhood by recklessly throwing myself into the deep end of a pool and being dragged out unconscious.’
    • ‘She walked to the deep end and touched the water with the tip of her toes before she dove in.’
    • ‘The game is played in the deep end of the pool over seven minute quarters with substitution allowed throughout the game.’