Definition of the damage is done in English:

the damage is done


  • Used to indicate that it is too late to prevent the occurrence of something unfortunate or undesirable.

    ‘there didn't seem any point in arguing now—the damage was done’
    • ‘He doesn't think it likely that the document will become official policy, but others argue the damage is done.’
    • ‘Combine the jumbo popcorn, bag of lollies and mega soft-drink with lounging around and the damage is done.’
    • ‘Now the damage is done, and it is unclear whether Clear Skies, or any other needed environmental reform proposal, will make it through this Congress.’
    • ‘He has since backtracked a little and tried to distance himself from his own letter, but the damage is done.’
    • ‘He apologised, but the damage is done as far as I'm concerned.’
    • ‘Halfway through the second CD, we revert to studio versions, but the damage is done.’
    • ‘But even if the Tuesday hearing is a legal cure, the damage is done.’
    • ‘But by the time the bill comes in the door, it is usually too late and the damage is done.’
    • ‘Okay: if she repents then fine, that's for God to decide on in her next life, but the damage is done and nothing now could bring back those people's lives and the pain that their deaths have caused.’
    • ‘Then we got letters saying we could stay until after Christmas, but of course by then the damage is done.’