Definition of the course of nature in English:

the course of nature


  • Events or processes which are normal and to be expected.

    ‘each man would, in the course of nature, have his private opinions’
    • ‘I would say that the course of nature dictates, all right?’
    • ‘No causal study could rule out the possibility that its results were not due directly it interfering with the course of nature.’
    • ‘As a result of this tampering with the course of nature, water has entered several residential colonies, forcing the people to stay indoors, during the last spell of rain, he adds.’
    • ‘First, on account of the variation in the course of nature, on which we marvel.’
    • ‘If this project is carried out on a large scale, it will add up to a massive amount of human alteration of the course of nature.’
    • ‘For this reason, Ockham shifted emphasis on simplicity from the course of nature to theories which are formulated about it.’
    • ‘That the earth was created due to a huge cosmic explosion and life evolved by the course of nature.’
    • ‘Are they to rely on the course of nature - an uncontrollable voice and unexpected hair growth to be the only sign of impending adulthood?’
    • ‘I never thought we needed it but it has changed the course of nature.’
    • ‘Usually she accepted the course of nature, but giant slugs she didn't consider natural.’