Definition of the common weal in English:

the common weal


  • The benefit or interests of all members of a country or community.

    ‘such things as police protection and national defence are benefits vital to the common weal’
    • ‘How nice it would be if we could all think of the common weal when we make use of mass media!’
    • ‘The problem is how to make the best use of them for the common weal.’
    • ‘Their task is to articulate implicitly, even unconsciously, the necessity for improving the common weal.’
    • ‘To his great credit, Bentham used these critical gifts in a socially reformist spirit, to improve the common weal.’
    • ‘Somehow, the threat to the common weal dissolved by September 2007.’
    • ‘Here every man, eschewing the pursuit of private interest, would devote himself to the common weal.’
    • ‘Malcolm Turnbull, heroic defender of the common weal, is Member for Wentworth.’
    • ‘The challenge facing the common weal administrators is even harder than that given by other national realities.’
    • ‘Judicial activism for the common weal is perhaps stronger in India than in any other country.’
    • ‘In our political and legal culture, any number of issues bearing upon the common weal get confused with issues of rights.’