Definition of the coast is clear in English:

the coast is clear


  • There is no danger of being observed or caught.

    ‘the streetcleaners kept stopping off for a smoke when the coast was clear’
    • ‘Once the coast was clear, he would get to the second floor somehow and then he would get to Juliet, hopefully before night fell.’
    • ‘Once the coast was clear the elf leaped gracefully from the tree and Miaku followed.’
    • ‘We'll wait until the coast is clear, hide the stuff, and then go after them.’
    • ‘And then, if the coast is clear, we can safely follow.’
    • ‘He would then park the cars a few miles away before returning days later to check the coast was clear before selling the vehicle on.’
    • ‘Once finally convinced the coast was clear, Gabby nonetheless tiptoed her way down the hall and slipped into the room.’
    • ‘He made his way out of the room once the coast was clear.’
    • ‘‘Okay, the coast is clear,’ she whispered, ‘but try not to be too noisy.’’
    • ‘She then looks up and down the street, as if she's making sure the coast is clear, and then she just takes off.’
    • ‘Our characters were supposed to look around to make sure the coast is clear, then jump in the truck and race off.’
    • ‘They all start running off and, thinking the coast is clear, I get out of my car.’