Definition of the cat's whiskers in English:

the cat's whiskers

(North American the cat's meow, the cat's pyjamas)


  • An excellent person or thing.

    ‘this car is the cat's whiskers’
    • ‘She was a phenomenal producer - the cat's meow, as my mother would say - and every big player in town was after her.’
    • ‘The featherweight division is the cat's pyjamas in boxing at present.’
    • ‘They're the cat's meow and I love them so much!’
    • ‘Her conceptual artworks are curiosities rather than the cat's pyjamas, says Cristin Leach.’
    • ‘Tell Boyfriend you get why he's mad and that you could not be more mortified and sorry; show him that you think he and only he is the cat's meow.’
    • ‘And hey, Kevin, you aren't exactly the cat's meow either!’
    • ‘I decided that having James as a last name was just the cat's meow.’
    • ‘For some women, casual relationships are the cat's pyjamas and fair dues to them, that's their own prerogative.’
    • ‘You're still the cat's meow, baby, wherever you are.’
    • ‘He is dressed in his trademark style, which is to say that he not only looks like the cat's pyjamas, he is wearing them, along with his silk crimson black-lined robe.’