Definition of the boy (or girl) next door in English:

the boy (or girl) next door


  • A person perceived as familiar and dependable, typically in the context of a romantic relationship.

    as modifier ‘I tend to be thought of as the girl-next-door type’
    • ‘The hip grandma, the evil uncle, the good-as-gold girl next door, even the turncoat best friend, are characters that have been all played to death.’
    • ‘Peter holds a torch for the girl next door, flame-haired Mary - Jane but she's dating a loud-mouth jock and doesn't seem to notice her slightly goofy neighbour.’
    • ‘Although Hewitt's bob didn't last long, the girl next door recently was spotted this week with long flowing extensions after only a short time with short hair.’
    • ‘It's a town, according to his descriptions full of bored folk whose aspirations are little more than to work in the local factory and marry the girl next door, and it seems he couldn't wait to get out.’
    • ‘If you feel remotely objectified - which I've felt before just playing the girl next door [fully clothed] - it's going to be a horrible experience.’
    • ‘I though Mena should be something around 30 or 40 in age, judged from the article, but I was so surprised that she is so young, just like a girl next door.’
    • ‘Jayasudha, once the girl next door and today the amiable ‘Aunty,’ is a content woman, having realised her childhood dream of becoming a social worker.’
    • ‘Playing the girl next door who lies through her teeth and ends up causing enough mayhem for a full-length Hindi comedy film to last, Rimi says she had more than fun shooting for the film.’
    • ‘The transformation of the boy or girl next door into a highly sophisticated customer-relations executive and telemarketer has been documented often enough.’
    • ‘He was on the brink of glory when he went to number one in 1977 with Lucky Stars, a clever duet which sliced through the heart strings of that unfashionable girl next door, who never shared your yen for punk.’