Definition of the body beautiful in English:

the body beautiful


  • An ideal of physical beauty.

    ‘there is an array of products for producing the body beautiful’
    • ‘One of the more intelligent and articulate athletes in the sport, Prince ruminated on the irony of his current public role as a representative of the body beautiful, whose body seemed to be breaking down internally.’
    • ‘I have had to re-examine this simplistic philosophy now I've relocated to southern California, where the cult of the body beautiful is pursued with religious fervour.’
    • ‘It is easy to see why both males and females fall into the trap of succumbing to the idea of the body beautiful.’
    • ‘Unfortunately we live in a society that craves eternal youth and the body beautiful.’
    • ‘The ideal of the body beautiful is contrasted with the reality of the battered, bulging, diseased, ageing, and, yes, often toothless bodies of real humans.’
    • ‘More people are fuelling the growing demand for cosmetic surgery as they search for the body beautiful with people in Manchester particularly keen to go under the knife, according to data published today.’
    • ‘The continuing obsession with the body beautiful and concerns about health have meant that membership of a fitness centre is top of the list of must-haves for the health-conscious person.’
    • ‘Muscle in turn gives the body beautiful lines and curves; fat on the other hand, gives the body a distended look.’
    • ‘Staying with the body beautiful, cosmetic dentistry, once the prerogative of American mid-west beauty queens, is set to become this year's big hitter.’
    • ‘I mean you've put the beauty myth and relationships and the body beautiful up on the screen and scrutinised it over and over again.’