Definition of the Big Three (or Four etc.) in English:

the Big Three (or Four etc.)


  • The three, four, etc., most important or powerful figures in a particular field.

    ‘increased competition between the Big Three cider-makers’
    • ‘The exhibition began with the famous photograph of the Big Three - Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin.’
    • ‘But the projections still don't look good, and already one of the Big Three has hit the rocks.’
    • ‘However, the team's defense has grown in the shadows of the Big Three.’
    • ‘Each player was given a separate amount of chips before the game and the four members of the Big Four were ready to play.’
    • ‘The Big Three, however, saw an emerging opportunity as boomers began buying second homes.’
    • ‘We are everywhere advised that suddenly there has been ordained a Big Four in golf, and these designees will lead the field in the Masters this week.’
    • ‘The survey indicated that cost is more important to the Big Three than its foreign competitors.’
    • ‘When that happened, many insiders started questioning the whole premise of the Big Three.’
    • ‘With the squad due to leave on their Far East tour tomorrow morning, it is important that the Big Three's destiny is decided rapidly.’
    • ‘In about an hour, the Big Three east coast newspapers should e-publish tomorrow's editions.’