Definition of the (great) unwashed in English:

the (great) unwashed


  • The mass or multitude of ordinary people.

    ‘politicians need not answer inconvenient questions if they emanate from the great unwashed’
    • ‘We guess just because you're concentrating on making poverty history doesn't mean you can't enjoy some Pimms roped off from the unwashed.’
    • ‘The local landed gentry, when not herding the unwashed through their country piles, go up to town: and that means a trip to their London club, not a Spurriergate shopping spree.’
    • ‘The Samoans are considered by many of the earlier arrivers to Hawaii to be the unwashed, much like the caste system in India.’
    • ‘It can only be a matter of time before there are running street battles to demarcate the boundaries between the Chorlton chosen and the unwashed of Withington and Stretford.’
    • ‘Others were putting up a mediocre fight against the unwashed.’