Definition of the — the better in English:

the — the better


  • Used to emphasize the importance or desirability of the thing specified.

    ‘the sooner we're off the better’
    • ‘The more help we get in the coming weeks the better.’
    • ‘Moving to the full-backs, he recommends ‘safe men, tried and true ‘and the more powerful the kicks of the backs the better.’’
    • ‘Hilberg proudly declares himself to be ‘a brute-force man’ undaunted by abundance: ‘the more paper in the files the better.’’
    • ‘It was important a couple of our batsmen got decent scores and a couple of the others occupied the crease for some time because the sooner we get used to the conditions the better.’
    • ‘In my view, they should do, as the lower the expectations the better.’
    • ‘Chess is, however, an ideal medium for the internet, where the name of the game is to keep computer users online for as long as possible; so therefore the longer the games the better.’
    • ‘The sooner he sends out the invitations the better.’
    • ‘Mr Ancram said: ‘We live in an age of computerisation and the earlier you can learn the skills the better, even for very young children.’’
    • ‘If anything, the sketchier the questions the better.’
    • ‘It seemed Mother thought the fancier the clothes the better, and I'd once tried to point out that ‘real ladies’ wore simple silk and lace garments without loads of trimming or sequins.’
    • ‘I only ask that you take the time to ask specific questions - the more thought out the questions the better.’
    • ‘Basically, the longer you are in the queues the better!’
    • ‘The sooner the military tribunals begin to weed out the terrorists the better.’
    • ‘The sooner the new Bush team communicates this message to the Russians the better.’
    • ‘I told him the sooner he adopted the girls the better, but we wouldn't have to worry about Brad, he had signed the papers yesterday, turning over all parental rights to me.’
    • ‘Jean Saunders of Swindon Friends of the Earth, who said: ‘The more environmentally conscious features added to the houses the better.’’
    • ‘The Montreal smoked meat sandwich was not bad - it too came with a slice of cheese and a couple of deep fried pickles, but the less said about the pickles the better.’
    • ‘Automatic promotion is still on the cards and the more help the team has from the terraces the better.’
    • ‘As far as they are concerned the less politicians the better.’
    • ‘Scott's 28 now, so the quicker we get the fights the better.’