Definition of thaumaturgist in English:



  • See thaumaturge

    • ‘She hunted up thaumaturgists in savage and semi-civilised countries, not to read their (non-existent) books, but to learn practical psychology.’
    • ‘To disciples and outsiders, the Neo-Platonic masters often appeared as hierophants and thaumaturgists, as much as great philosophers.’
    • ‘At that time they were the only two known thaumaturgists living in Atlanta.’
    • ‘She became the friend not only of More and William Penn, but of Jan Baptist van Helmont and Valentine Greatrakes, mystical thaumaturgists of the 17th century.’
    • ‘A plant of true arcane power, mandrake has been used in a multitude of ways by witches, magicians and thaumaturgists for eons to many, many vastly different ends.’