Definition of that will do in English:

that will do


  • No more is needed or desirable.

    • ‘She stopped for a moment, but rediscovered her senses when he touched her hand, ‘I think that will do for now,’ he said softly.’
    • ‘He seems to think that as long as you pile on the songs, splatter the screen in bright colours and have lots of men with fluorescent white teeth gyrating with pretty women, that will do.’
    • ‘I've had 19 years playing snooker and that will do me.’
    • ‘I'm happy to wait, because he has given me his word and that will do for me.’
    • ‘Now, that will do; out you go with the lassie and have a look at the village; it may be a long while before you have a chance of seeing it again.’
    • ‘Listen to me Mac, two on the look-out posts, one guard and one criminal makes four, that will do!’
    • ‘We will look at a more precise definition of academic theology in the next chapter, but that will do for now to indicate the scope of the field.’